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Track days in Le Mans this week, 12-18 September

The effervescence of the GT Tour will hardly have died down before the world of karting sets up camp at the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit. The new OK engine vehicles will be testing out the CIK track so the other karting tracks can be used for leisure purposes. Meanwhile, just opposite, the action will be hotting up on the Bugatti. Bikes take over the track for four days and then hand over to the Porsche Sport Driving School. The Porsche trainers will then leave the way clear for the Pescarolo prototype track days but the Porsches will be back out on Sunday.

This week’s schedule, day by day:

Monday 12 September

Ligue Motocycliste Régionale des Pays de la Loire - Bikers speed track day  

This is the league’s second track day of the year, to enable local members who don’t have a Pass-Circuit licence to have experience riding on a track.

There will be four 20-minute sessions for each group (of 40 drivers).

Groups 1 and 3 are for drivers with lap times of 2:02 and 2 and 4 are for those who regularly clock sub 2:02 laps.

Machines of less than 500cc are not admitted. Participants usually include Superbike and Promosport competitors as well as club members eager to experience the Bugatti track. There are 7 spaces remaining (out of a total 160). NB registrations last updated on Friday 9 September.

Tuesday 13 September and Wednesday 14 September

No Limits Trackdays

The British motorcycle training centre No Limits Trackdays takes over the Bugatti for two full days this week.

The UK-based outfit offers experience on famous tracks such as Caldwell Park, Mallory Park, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Rockingham, Anglesey, Oulton Park and Snetterton and of course, the Bugatti track in Le Mans. More and more British teams take part in the motorcycle 24 Hours, among them Honda Racing and Jackson Racing, and competitors in the famous Ile of Mann Tourist Trophy are always willing to test their skills at Le Mans in the Grand Prix de France and the 24-hour race.

The two-day course comprises seven 20-minute sessions for each group. Noise limit is 102 decibels.

Thursday 15 September

Team Blat’s track day

Thursday sees more motorcycling with Team Blat’s fun track days for beginners. As always, safety is paramount and riders must have the correct equipment. As track marshals, the Blateau family members are very knowledgeable when it comes to rules. They are expecting 160 drivers on Thursday 15 September. A full leather 1-piece or 2-piece race suit, leather racing boots and gloves, approved safety helmet and back protector are required. Clothing and equipment will be thoroughly checked on the day. Requirements apply to all groups.

Friday 16 September

Porsche Sport Driving School Track Day

On Friday 16 September, Porsche Sport Driving Schoool trainees will be able to experience the thrill of driving at Le Mans. In a competition car, trainees perfect their braking technique and racing line.

Each trainee has the benefit of one-to-one tuition. Top-level trainees get to drive a Porsche GT3 RS.

Saturday 17 September

Le Mans Driver intensive prototype course

While the karting stars line up for their 24-hour marathon and the Porsche driving school trainees exert their talents on Maison Blanche, the Le Mans Driver pupils will be sampling the delights of the V8-powered prototypes provided by the ACO driving school.

On Saturday 17 September the new intensive training course uses the Le Mans Drivers’ famous Pescarolo prototypes. Trainees are sure to love driving one of the six machines, designed for endurance and similar to LM P3s in terms of performance. Having received expert tuition from the experienced instructors, participants will be able to drive at full race power.

Sunday 18 September

Strasbourg Porsche centre takes over the Bugatti

The Porsche Experience Centre is the second of its sort after Leipzig and acts as headquarters for all French centres as far as track activity is concerned. On 18 September, the French Porsche centre with the best German accent will be visiting Le Mans. 

The Bugatti track will be home to the Strasbourg Porsche centre for a track day, tests and tuition.

Strict safety procedures are followed throughout the week, with track marshals on site when necessary. The procedure includes on-site medical assistance and supervision by a track manager.

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